Where Are Our Histories? Exploring Inclusion & Exclusion with Queer, Trans & Non-Binary Youth in New Brunswick

This project with queer, trans & non-binary young people in New Brunswick seeks to work with youth to create media (cellphilms, zines, stencils, buttons) and engage in art making practices (knitting & screen printing, etc.) to address existing and desired conditions in school & society more generally.

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Learning to Remember / Resist / Redraw: Exploring downplayed histories with pre-service elementary social studies teachers

Poster image created by K. Nowell, 2018

Poster image created by K. Nowell, 2018


We are Hong Kong Too

  • We are HK too is a research project with a collective of ethnic minority young people who have grown up and studied in Hong Kong's public schools. Through the medium of cellphone-video making, we have gathered, brainstormed, written, filmed, and edited some pretty amazing cellphilms (films shot on a cellphone) that describe the experiences of growing up and going to school in Hong Kong as an ethnic minority. Through these cellphilms, we answer: Who am I? Where do I belong? How do I participate as a citizen of HK?

Katrina's (2015) Where do I belong in Hong Kong?

Participatory Digital Fieldnotes

  • As a part of my doctoral fieldwork, I kept participatory digital fieldnotes where participants could read, access, comment on, and respond to my thoughts-in-process while I was in the field. By employing a comic-style format, I looked to engage my participants “ who aren’t necessarily essay readers and who aren’t necessarily in academic institutions” (hooks & Mesa-Bains, 2006, p. 2). The site remains as an archive of my fieldwork experiences.